5 Tips on Getting the Best Bodyguard

When the protection of yourself, your loved ones and your associates is important to you, second rate won’t do. The difference between a good bodyguard and a great bodyguard are big. You need someone that can judge and react to a situation assertively and who is trained in industry defensive┬ámaneuvers.

Here are 5 tips to get the best bodyguard for the job that’s closest to you:

Tip #1: Go with an agency with a reputation

Make sure to go with a company that has a reputation to protect. Companies that have been around for a long time have been able to succeed due to glowing customer testimonials. Speaking of which…

Tip #2: References

Make sure to ask the agency for references of past clients. You don’t always have to call the biggest client on the list to find out how well the bodyguards perform.

Tip #3: Muscle does not equal higher protection

Don’t just go with the bodyguard with the most muscle. While it’s beneficial to have protection that has a physical presence you also need to make sure the bodyguard has industry experience and knows how to react to situations assertively.

Tip #4: Training and Selection Procedures

When dealing with an agency, make sure to ask about their training and selection procedures. What will make the bodyguards suitable for the type of security you’ll need. Make sure to confirm that drug testing and criminal background checks are performed.

Tip #5: Say hi

Meeting the bodyguard or bodyguard team can be beneficial in seeing if there is rapport and chemistry. While not the most important thing, having a bodyguard who you can get along with can make your day less stress full, and sometimes your instinct can help you here.

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