Security dogs are specialist animals, able to detect intruders before the security staff by their acute hearing and smell, especially at night where they can sense an intruder Up to 600 yards or 550 meters away. A dog provides safety and protection for its handler in dangerous situations.

A dog team would save clients money by cutting down the number of men needed. A network of highly trained dogs and handlers can be made available, such as highly trained Rottweilers and German Shepherds.

The combination of a dog and its handler can reduce the number of security officers needed to patrol or search …

• Individuals and property.

• High crime areas where an officer is not safe alone.

• Lager areas such as schools, factories and golf clubs.


• Police checked

• Close protection and covert security

• Trained Fully qualified dog and handler

• Full public liability insurance

• Impeccable references available

Long and short term contracts welcome.

Security Dog Patrol understands that privacy is very important when security is top priority. Each operation will be dealt with confidentially and individually to meet our clients full requirements.

Note: This service is a form of deterrent, the highest security levels will be achieved when used in conjunction with other security technologies such as a good alarm or CCTV etc.

Our fully qualified dog patrol teams are available for ad hoc patrolling or longer term guard dog security, providing ideal security solutions and protection for a wide range of organisations, communities and special events.