Tips to Protect Your Home

Australia has the highest rate of burglaries in the world. You wouldn’t think it, as we’re a rich country. But then again, a burglar’s job is made al the easier when he’s in a suburb of people with many posessions. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a statistic:

If your home needs more protection than ordinary make sure to read these tips to stay safe and avoid burglaries.

Lock Up

A no brainer really, but it’s easy to become complacent.

Don’t Advertise that You’re Out and Away

It’s a sad fact, but if you post a status update on Facebook that you’re away one of your shady ‘friends’ may feel the need to invite himself over and take some time going through your jewellery collection. It’s not just Facebook either, when on leave try to inform as few people as possible. It’s a sad fact of life

Don’t Advertise your Posessions

We all want people to know about how good we’re doing, but unfortunately not only does that cause jealousy it can cause outright theft. A classic case is leaving the box for your television out on the foot path. Also, be sure not to mention your Christmas shopping list in the wrong group!

Install an alarm system

Pretty simple. Especially if you have heard of other break ins nearby. Better safe than sorry.

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